There’s nothing quite like the magic of beautiful holiday lights. Whether you like your Christmas lights over-the-top or you prefer a few elegant strands of simple white bulbs, Christmas lights add sparkle to the holiday season. But while you’re hanging your holiday lights this year, there are several important steps you can take to protect your roof.

In this post from J&J Roofing in Roseville, we’re sharing advice to safely hang your holiday lights without damaging your roof. Give us a call to schedule your regular roofing maintenance before the holiday season kicks off this year.

Protecting Your Roof and Home

Every year, homeowners across the country end up damaging their roofs when installing Christmas lights, leaving holes and staple damage that can compromise the integrity of their roofs. And just like residential roofing repair, hanging holiday lights can be a risky undertaking.

Follow these steps to hang your holiday lights safely:

  1. Avoid Using a Staple Gun

In the old days, it was fairly common to use a staple gun to affix lights to a roof. But using any kind of fasteners that can penetrate your roof or trim can create damage that leads to air and water leaks. Staples can damage the lights you’re installing as well. Thankfully, Christmas light hooks and clips have come a long way over the years. Use non-damaging plastic clips for the best results.

  1. Be Careful With Gutters

Use caution when working on a ladder, especially near your gutters. Using safe holiday light clips on your roof and siding can help to prevent damage to your gutters.

  1. Be Careful With Electricity

Even though holiday lights are used to decorate millions of homes across the country each year, they still represent an electrical risk to your roof and home. Be cautious about overloading outlets and read all instructions thoroughly. Use extension cords rated for outdoor use only.

  1. Consider Smart Lighting

Rather than connecting extension cords every time you turn on your lights, consider using a smart lighting solution. Modern holiday lights are available with smartphone controls so you can stay inside where it’s warm and even program your holiday lights.

   5. Avoid Using Heavy Items

Typically, the lights will be placed on the gutters, eaves, and shingles. So use appropriate cables and avoid hanging anything heavy from the roofing system.

Roofing Inspection Tips When You are Installing the Lighting

When you decide to put up your Christmas lights, this is also a perfect opportunity to do a quick roof inspection to ensure everything is working correctly. Leaks can occur from even the smallest holes, and you want to ensure you don’t need a repair before hanging the lights.

Starting with an inspection from the ground, and checking for signs of potential damage. If anything is hanging off the roof or you find siding granules or roofing hardware like nails, these are all indicators of a problem.

When inspecting the roof from the ladder, check for other signs like rust spots or sections that don’t look flush with the rest of the material. A few other vital issues to look for include the following:

Missing or damaged roofing material

Upon inspection, if you find essential components like cracked, loose, curled shingles, missing granules, or dark streaks, these need to be addressed immediately to help prevent leaks.

A build-up of mold or algae

If the roof has a green or black hue, this can indicate an algae build-up. Not only does it damage the material, but it can also stain your roof and leave an unsightly aesthetic.

Check the sealant

If you see deterioration, openings, crazing, or cracking, you may have roof sealant failure. Typically these are found around the flashings, and in most cases, they will need to be inspected by a professional and followed up with a re-application.

Gutter Health

The gutters are critical in keeping the roof free from water build-up through its drainage system. If the system is no longer securely attached to the home, or there is a significant build-up of debris in the piping, be sure to clean these out and call a professional for repair immediately. 

Contact Our Roof and Gutter Repair Pros

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