When your roof needs repairs, one of the most important things you can do is address them right away. Failure to address even minor roof damage can lead to threats to your roof’s overall integrity and create potential disaster down the road. It can be tempting to hire an amateur roofer to save on your roofing costs or even handle simple roofing repairs yourself. But just because iaa roof repair seems minor doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to handle it without a professional.   


When your residential roof needs repairs, hiring a professional can save you money and headaches down the road. In this blog post, our residential roofing pros a J&J Roofing in Roseville talk about the importance of hiring a professional roofer to conduct your regular roof maintenance.


There are several reasons it’s safer to hire a professional for your roof repairs:

1.   A Roof Can Be Hazardous

Hiring a professional to repair your roof is safer for both the person doing the repairs and those who are nearby. Although an experienced professional roofer can make roof repairs look simple, professional roofers are experienced at handling serious on-the-job hazards.


Roof repairs require roofers to carry materials onto the roof, and handling these in a wind gust can be risky. There’s also the risk of slipping and falling from the roof. Finally, to do the job safely, a roofer needs to be able to finish the job quickly without compromising safety.

2.   Hazards Can Result From Inadequate Repairs

Although many minor home improvement jobs can be completed with a small amount of self-education, completing a roof repair can be far more complex. A good roof repair will prevent more serious problems down the line including leaks and additional damage. Quality workmanship will also include the best materials to prevent the infiltration of mildew and mold.

3.   Amateur Repairs Can Void Your Warranty

A strong warranty is fundamental to protecting your roof in the future. Working with an experienced roofing professional will protect you in case an issue with the workmanship or materials arises. But handling a roofing repair without a professional means you’re forgoing the protection of a warranty. It can also void your existing warranty in general.

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When your roof needs to be repaired, don’t take a chance with your safety or the workmanship of the repairs. Our Roseville residential roofing pros at J&J Roofing are experienced and certified to handle complex roof and gutter repairs as safely as possible.


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