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A Leaky Roof Can Be Dangerous - Choose J&J Roofing

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If you have water stains on your ceiling or walls, you probably have a leaky roof. Leaks happen for many reasons. Bad weather, ice dams, substandard installation, and aging can all compromise the integrity of your roof and cause a leak.

Never put a leaking roof repair on the back burner—even if it doesn’t bother you very much, or you’re planning on replacing your roof sometime in the future, contact J&J Roofing for fast roof repair in Macomb County. Our team of experienced professionals and roofing experts will be more than prepared to safely take on any roofing repair services your home needs.

Does a Leaky Roof Need to Be Replaced?

Not necessarily. Something as small as a broken or missing shingle could be the culprit. If a small defect is causing the leak, oftentimes a simple roof repair can fix the problem for much less than a full roof replacement would cost. That’s why it’s so critical to be vigilant when it comes to leaking roof repair. How soon you address the leak could mean the difference between doing a quick repair or a major remodel.

It can be tricky to identify the source of a roof leak because it typically originates away from where the leak shows up. Trying to find and fix the source of a leak on your own can result in some unexpected accidents and injuries. If you have a roof leak, contact J&J Roofing as soon as possible. Our experienced crew will get your roof restored to working condition quickly and effectively.

Never Ignore a Roof Leak

Ignoring a leak will only lead to much larger problems, like mold, rotted framing, destroyed installation, and structural damage. A long-standing leak that turns into serious water damage is not only expensive to fix, it’s potentially hazardous to your health and safety. Exposure to mold in your home, for example, can cause nasal congestion, throat and eye irritation, coughing and wheezing, and in some cases, serious infections.

Although it sounds counterintuitive, a leaky roof can even cause a fire. When water makes contact with a live electrical wire, it can spark and ignite the materials around it. Electrical fires are incredibly dangerous because they can be difficult to put out.

Other Signs You Need Roofing Services

Flaws in your roofing system are not always as obvious as a leak. Addressing a potential issue before it becomes a larger problem can save you a lot of time and money in roofing repairs.

Some warning signs to look for:

Cracked Shingles

Cracks and tears in shingles are typically caused by wind damage but can also be the result of exposure to fluctuating temperatures, improper installation, or simple aging. If just a few shingles are cracked, it could be a quick roof repair. But if the cracking has spread throughout the roof—a telltale sign of aging— you’re probably looking at a full roof replacement.

Curling Shingles

Curling shingles also happen for a number of reasons, including lack of ventilation, improper installation, product-associated defects, and aging. If your shingles have begun to curl, no matter the reason, it’s best to have them replaced.

Missing Shingles

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Missing shingles leave your roof exposed and allow water to seep in, which can lead to all sorts of problems.

Moss or Algae

Algae and moss sometimes grow on roofs here in Michigan due to the moisture content in the air. Dark stains or streaks on roofs are caused by algae. While algae does little harm to roofing, the stains certainly don’t help the overall appearance or resale value of your home. Moss sometimes grows on north-facing roof surfaces and tree-shaded roofs. Unlike algae, moss left on roofs can do significant harm if not removed. It can get into the roof structure underneath the shingles and cause them to curl or crack. If your roof has signs of algae or moss, you may need to have it cleaned, and shingles may need to be replaced.

Over 20 Years Old

Most roofing systems are designed to last longer than 20 years, but being proactive about maintenance is the key to longevity. If your roof is more than 20 years old, we recommend having it inspected in order to fix little defects before they become bigger issues.

New Roofs In Neighborhood

In most modern neighborhoods, groups of homes tend to be built in the same time period, which means they age at similar rates. If other homes in your neighborhood are getting repairs, it’s possible your roof also needs a facelift.

Sagging Roof

Roofs sag because there isn’t enough structural support for the load. This situation can be quite dangerous because a collapse can easily happen. A sagging roof means it’s definitely time to call a professional.

Contact J&J Roofing for Professional Repair Near Roseville

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home’s structure. If you have any concerns about your roof, contact J&J Roofing today, or give us a call at 586-445-6455! We’ll send an experienced professional to conduct an inspection and provide you with an affordable solution.