From the coldest winter snows to the summer heat, your roof is there protecting your home through it all. That’s why prioritizing regular roof maintenance before trouble strikes is one of the smartest things you can do as a homeowner.

The key to roof maintenance is staying on top of potential problems with regular roof inspections. At J&J Roofing, our residential roofing contractors offer a complete range of roofing services including inspections. In this post, we’re covering everything you need to know about conducting a roof inspection including how often it should be done. To schedule yours, give us a call today.

The Importance of Roof Inspections

The most important thing to know about roof damage is that the vast majority of serious problems are cumulative, gradually worsening over time. Experts recommend adding roof inspections to your annual household maintenance list right along with gutter cleaning and power-washing your siding.

If your home is much older, you might consider scheduling a second roof inspection each year until you’re ready to invest in roof replacement services. Because your roof, like other home exterior components, can be affected by temperature changes, it’s a good idea to schedule your inspections ahead of the summer or fall.

Post-Storm Roof Inspections

In addition to regular roof inspections, you should also schedule an inspection after a major storm if your neighbors have visible damage or you suspect damage to your home. Hail, heavy rains, ice, and high winds can all wreak havoc on your roof. Getting a good inspection right away is essential if you’re going to file an insurance claim. Your roofer can identify early signs of damage as well as more serious issues to prevent significant problems down the road.

DIY or Hire a Contractor?

Although a roof inspection might seem easy enough, an experienced roofing contractor will know exactly what to look for to identify early signs of roof damage. These are a few of the details they’ll look at that where it might be harder for a homeowner to identify problems:

  • Flashing problems
  • Underlayment issues
  • Attic inspection
  • Vent damage
  • Gutter maintenance

Schedule a Macomb County Roof Inspection

Don’t wait until your ceiling leaks to schedule a professional roof inspection. At J&J Roofing, our residential roofers are certified CertainTeed ShingleMasters with an eye for detail. We can also install seamless gutters and gutter guards to completely protect your roof. To schedule your inspection, give us a call at 586-445-6455, schedule your online consultation, or contact us on the web to connect with a roofer today.