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Gutters and Downspout Installation Macomb County, MI

Why are gutters so important?

Gutters are often called the “unsung heroes of a home” for good reason. You might not give them a second thought unless they’re clogged or overflowing, but gutters play a very important role in keeping your home and property safe from water damage.

When it rains (or when snow melts), gutters move water from your roof into downspouts, directing the flow away from your home. Without a properly installed gutter system, all that water will find somewhere else to go. It’ll pool on your roof and run underneath shingles, causing roof damage and leaks that get into the frame and fascia of your home. Or it’ll flow over the sides of your home and underneath your siding before it falls to the ground. Water running from your roof to the ground creates erosion in the soil around your home, and can eventually lead to a cracked, damaged foundation.

Protect your home with a customized gutter system from J&J Roofing! Whether you’re looking to replace old gutters or need gutter installation on new construction, our fully licensed and insured team is here to help. We understand the weather conditions that Michigan roofs and gutters need to protect against, and we will carefully inspect your home to determine the best solution for you. Contact us today to get started!