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Why Summer Is the Perfect Time for a Roof Inspection

When winter comes and goes, you may not be sure whether your roof survived it or not. With the thunderstorms, falling snows, and ill wind at their full force, there is no doubt that roofs are usually dealt a big blow during this period.

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What's Trending in Roofing in 2022?

More than two years from the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, we are still witnessing its impact on all industries globally. Expectedly, the roofing industry is not exempted, as customers are beginning to rethink their choice of roofing material and technology with regard to the economic realities.

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Summer Heat & Storms

The level of care you give to your roof goes a long way to determining how long your home can stand the test of different weather conditions. With each season comes some weather conditions that affect your roofs. Hence, understanding ways to ensure that you protect the integrity of your roof against the scorching heat and deadly storms of the summer is crucial.

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