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What’s Included in a Roof Repair Estimate

There are few things more frustrating than receiving an initial estimate and then getting hit with a higher price after a repair is complete. While it’s important to remember that an estimate is merely an educated guess as to the cost of repairs and labor on a project, transparency is key.

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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Every spring, millions of Americans engage in a time-honored ritual known as spring cleaning. But spring isn’t the only time of year when you should perform regular maintenance around your home. Even though we’re still enjoying the warm weather, cold drafts will be upon us before we know it. By this time next month, we’ll be enjoying cooler weather and getting ready for the upcoming winter.

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Common FAQ About Roof Replacement

A high-performance roof will protect your home for decades. But eventually, even the most durable roof will need to be replaced. Because roof replacement is a significant investment, homeowners often find it challenging to navigate the process.

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