Keeping your home comfortable can be a challenge throughout the year, and if you notice your home is not at optimal temperatures, this could be digging into your pocketbook each month. If your home is feeling drafty, there are significant temperature differences from room to room, or your energy bills have skyrocketed, these are all indicators that it might be time to consider investing in whole-house insulation.

J&J Roofing understands that an upgrade can make all the difference, and we are here with five ways you will benefit!

1) Your Home Will Be a Quieter Space

There are two types of sound; impact and airborne. Airborne noise comes from traffic and voices or sounds from inside your home, like music or the TV, and impact noise comes from the vibrations of large appliances and footsteps.

So, if you can hear every car go by or feel like you have paper-thin walls, this can be annoying to deal with. Insulation can help reduce this because it absorbs the vibrations in between the spaces and creates a barrier to make your home a quieter environment.

2) Less Moisture Build-Up

Humidity can be a massive problem, especially in the winter, and high levels of it can cause a large assortment of issues, from worsening allergies to mold and mildew growth. Your house materials can also suffer; if you find damaged wood or peeling paint, these are common signs of high humidity. Insulation can help combat these issues because it seals the moisture out through a vapor barrier, drastically reducing the amount that gets in.

3) Higher-Energy Efficiency

More people than ever are incorporating methods to enhance their energy efficiency, and investing in insulation is just one way to accomplish this. Its design not only helps reduce the heat transfer between the exterior and interior of your home, but it also reduces your HVAC system use, which results in higher energy efficiency levels.

4) Larger Return on Your Investment

Any upgrades you choose for your home will increase its overall value, and insulation offers one of the highest returns on improvements. Not only is this a strong selling point for any potential buyers, but the savings and energy costs each month can add up for the time you live in your home.

5) Decreased Risk of Infestations

Some insects, like termites, are dangerous for homes and can cause large amounts of damage to the property before you know it's even happening. Investing in high-quality insulation will help block these insects because the material acts as a barrier, and they won't be able to access spaces that could be tempting to turn into a nest or meal.

J&J Roofing Professional Results from Trusted Experts

If it's time for an insulation upgrade or residential roofing repair, the best place to start is with a professional inspection from J&J Roofing. Our team has been committed to providing expert services for over 30 years, and we specialize in everything from gutter installation to storm damage repair that you can count on.

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