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Understanding Your Roof Warranty

When you install a new roof, you want it to last as long as possible. After all, for most people, their home is one of the most important investments they’ll ever make. That’s why it’s important to understand how your warranty works before you need to make a claim. At J&J Roofing, we partner with manufacturers like CertainTeed that offer powerful warranties to protect homeowners while they’re protecting their homes.

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Do This When Storms Damage Your Roof

Winter in Michigan can be hard on your roof. But after a long, cold winter leaving often unseen ice and precipitation damage on your roof, your shingles are more vulnerable than ever against spring storms. Unfortunately, without a complete roof inspection, you can’t be completely certain that your roof is up to the challenge.

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Attic Ventilation Issues to Discuss With Your Contractor

When you look at your roof, what do you see? Although a roof looks superficially like a simple construction of primarily shingles, it’s actually a complex structure with many components. In addition to your shingles, the flashing, hips, ridges, and even your attic ventilation system come together to protect your home. If any one of these components is compromised, your entire roof system is at risk along with the walls and interior structure of your home.

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