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New Homeowner's Gutter Care Guide

The joy of owning a new home is usually short-lived when structural defects exist in any part of your house. When it comes to your roof, ensuring that you have all elements properly installed is crucial. Part of the roofing elements that deserve your attention is the gutter.

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Why It’s Safer to Hire a Professional Roofer

When your roof needs repairs, one of the most important things you can do is address them immediately. Failure to address even minor roof damage can threaten your roof’s overall integrity and create potential disaster down the road. It can be tempting to hire an amateur roofer to save on your roofing costs or even handle simple roofing repairs yourself. But just because a roof repair seems minor doesn’t mean handling it without a professional is a good idea.  

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J&J Roofing Tips for Homeowners: How to Tell When You Need a New Roof

How can you tell that you need a new roof? Do you know what to look for? Most homeowners know that leaks indicate roof damage, but other signs of a failing roof are not quite so obvious. Don’t wait until the water is pouring out of your ceiling to start paying attention.

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What are the Most Common Warm Weather Roof Problems?

Knowing common problems your roof might face during warm weather would help you prepare to tackle the problems. Find out what these common problems are.

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Choosing the Best Shingle Look for Your Home

Choosing the right single for your roof demands many considerations. Go through to find out the factors to consider when choosing your roof’s shingle.

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8 Signs Your Gutters Need an Upgrade

Part of what determines the longevity of your roof is the gutter. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your gutters? Read to find out.

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