After a long, cold winter, there’s nothing quite like those first warm days of the season. The air is pleasant, the early spring flowers start to bloom, and birds begin to greet every morning with their birdsong once more. Even pollen allergies can seem more bearable to some Michiganders when they’re grateful to finally be out of the cold.


But while April showers bring May flowers, they also bring potential gutter problems. In this post from J&J Roofing in Roseville, we’re breaking down some of the most common gutter problems you may encounter during the springtime months. If you’re in need of gutter repair, give us a call today.

1.   Gutter Clogs

During the fall and spring, trees can shed into your gutters, filing them with debris like twigs, pine needles, acorns, and other materials. If left unattended, this can cause gutters to become clogged. When gutters are clogged, water that would run down instead runs back onto your roof or falls near your home’s foundation. With spring rains around the corner, it’s important to clean your gutters as soon as possible. If you’re ready to ditch gutter cleaning entirely, consider having Gutter Guards installed.

2.   Downspout Clogs

Just like your gutter’s canals, downspouts can also become clogged with gutter debris. Although primary gutter canals can be easily cleared out using a scoop or small garden shovel, you should also use a garden hose to flush out your gutters. For more serious clogs, consult a gutter repair contractor.

3.   Gutter Separation

When snow and ice weigh down on your gutters, they can end up separating and pulling away from the roof fascia. Separated gutters can mean your canal system isn’t able to efficiently move water away from your roof. In most cases, this problem can be easily repaired by reattaching gutters to the fascia. However, it may be best to replace the entire section of gutter altogether, especially if your gutters are damaged or cracked.

4.   Bent Gutters

When tree branches fall against gutters or heavy ice damage occurs, it can cause the gutters to bend or even break at the joints. These gutter sections will most likely need to be replaced. If you’re thinking about gutter replacement, a seamless gutter system makes damaged joints a thing of the past.

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