The decision to own a historic home is a commitment to preserve a tiny piece of history. Preserving the lovingly designed historic details can be difficult but pay off in droves. As a historic homeowner, you want to keep those historic details as true to their original design as possible. And one of a home’s most important architectural features is its roof.

At J&J Roofing in Michigan, our residential roofers can help you preserve the historic details of your home. In this post, we’re sharing our expert advice for maintaining and replacing your historic roof. Contact our residential roofing contractors to schedule your roof inspection today.

Common Roof Issues for Historic Homes

A residential roof serves many essential purposes, and two of the most important are protecting a home from water infiltration and aiding in insulation. However, roofing technologies have advanced dramatically over the past century, and many older roofs can have trouble keeping up with these fundamental tasks.

Mold, mildew, rot, inefficiency, and moisture intrusion are all significant concerts for historic homeowners. Preserving the period architectural roofing on a historic home requires diligence on behalf of the homeowner as well as an experienced historic residential roofer.

For many homeowners, the best course of action to preserve a historic home is to replace the original roof with modern materials that preserve an authentic look. Residential roofing manufacturers like CertainTeed offer shingles that match the look of many historic materials.

Historic Residential Roof Maintenance

Follow these steps to preserve and maintain your historic roof:

  1. Explore your options.

The first thing to know about historic roof maintenance is what options are available for your home. If your home is registered on the National Register of Historic Places, be sure to check with your local authority before making any decisions about roof repairs or replacement. Homeowners in historic neighborhoods should also check with their HOAs.

  1. Learn the history.

Look through all of the existing documents you have available on your home including work orders, blueprints, and insurance information. Old pictures can also be helpful. Find out everything you can to help you restore your home to reflect its original roof.

  1. Connect with a residential roofer.

Once you’ve determined the material, shape, and color of your original roofing materials, it’s time to contact a professional residential roofer. Share your findings and discuss architectural roofing shingle designs that reflect the original style of your roof.

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