No one likes cleaning their gutters. Of all of the household chores a homeowner has on his or her to-do list, gutter cleaning is one of the most unpleasant. If you’re thinking of taking this chore off of your maintenance list for good, covering your gutters is the way to go. But should you invest in gutter guards or gutter screens, and is there even a difference? Find out in this post from the gutter installation pros at J&J Roofing in Roseville, Michigan.

The Importance of Gutters

Although most people don’t put much thought into their gutters until it’s time to grab the ladder and start digging out leaves with a trowel, they’re pretty important. Your home’s gutters divert water from your roof and home, protecting your foundation, lawn, and siding in the process.

When your gutters are clogged or functioning below their top level of performance, any of these issues can arise:

  • Mildew and mold growth
  • Basement flooding
  • Sidewalk cracking and spalling
  • Soil erosion
  • Roof damage
  • Siding damage

Covering Gutters

Although there are several types of gutter covers available on the market, any route you choose will decrease the problem of gutter clogs. Most gutter covers fall under one of these categories:

  • Gutter guards
  • Mesh screens
  • Gutter inserts

Choosing Between Gutter Screens and Gutter Guards

Think of a gutter screen as the most basic level of gutter installation protection. While they do tend to be fairly low-cost, they act as a basic screen or barrier and are easily installed. One common issue with metal gutter screens is that they may become rusted after many years, but you’ll enjoy plenty of use before it comes to that.

Like gutter screens, gutter guards are easy to install and simply fit down into the gutter canal system. They tend to perform better when extreme weather strikes, but both gutter guards and screens are great products.

One final thing to know is that no gutter cover is completely free of maintenance. Eventually, you’ll need to clear the leaves or debris off of your gutter guards and give them a spray. But what you won’t have to worry about is a gutter clog damaging your roof with ice dams in the meantime.

Order Gutter Guards for Your Michigan Home

Are you tired of scraping out slimy leaves with a gutter trowel every spring and fall? Change the game with gutter guard installation from J&J Roofing. To get an estimate on your gutter installation services or schedule an online consultation, give us a call at 586-445-6455 or contact us online today.