Is there anything as magical as a snowy winter landscape? From snow angels to frosted trees and rooftops, snow can be absolutely breathtaking. But just like anything else, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. When winter storms hit, all of the accumulated snow can put your roof to the test. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to prevent the weight of all that snow from causing your roof to collapse.


In this post from J&J Roofing in Roseville, we’ll dive deep into the topic of residential roofs and snow weight. Give us a call to make sure your roof is up to the challenge of a Michigan winter this year.

Snow and Roof Structure

Especially if you’ve recently moved into a home with an aging roof, you may wonder if your roof is able to withstand a heavy load of winter snow. When a roof collapses under the weight of a heavy snow load, it can cause untold damage inside your home in addition to the need to replace the roof itself. 


Here are a few factors that may impact your roof’s ability to manage snow weight:


●        Type of roofline

●        Slope of roof

●        Construction

●        Roofing material

●        Type of snow

●        Roof maintenance

●        Age of roof

●        Wind exposure

Winter Storms and Roof Damage

Every time a winter storm passes through, the risk of roof collapse rises. In some cases, several feet of snow may collect in a short time frame. Although it may be tempting to remove the snow yourself, this can be a dangerous endeavor.


Wet snow is much heavier than its fluffy counterpart, weighing as much as 21 pounds per square foot. Ice is the heaviest of all, and together, snow and ice can be a disastrous combination. The best rule of thumb is to keep up with roof repairs and watch out for signs of roof stress before the snow hits. If you do need to remove heavy snow, use a snow rake or hire a professional contractor to handle this task.

Schedule Macomb County Residential Roof Repair

To find out if your roof is ready for winter this year, your best bet is to schedule a professional residential roofing inspection from J&J Roofing. We’ll examine your home both inside and out to make the best recommendation for repairs or replacement.


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