With fall right around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about your winter heating bills. Good insulation is essential to keeping your home’s energy costs down and keeping your home comfortable throughout the cold winter months. Too often, homeowners don’t realize their insulation is inadequate until they’re bundled up in winter coats and blankets trying to stay warm.


At J&J Roofing in Roseville, Michigan, we help homeowners make sure their homes are ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at them. In this post, we’ll talk about some important steps you can take to improve your home’s R-value. If you’re concerned about your home’s insulation or roofing, give us a call to get your home ready for winter weather before the summer ends.

Understanding the Meaning of R-Value

The term “R-value” refers to resistance to heat flow. All home insulation materials are rated according to R-value. A higher R-value is always better at restricting the flow of heat from the inside of your home to the outside. The type and thickness of insulation will influence its R-value, and the level of insulation needed for your home will differ depending on the region where you live.


The most commonly used insulation material in residences is fiberglass. Cellulose and spray foam are also commonly used to insulate homes. Fiberglass insulation is the traditional insulation many homeowners think of when they think of insulation for homes. Polyurethane spray foam is an excellent choice for areas that are hard to reach in a home such as crawl spaces and walls.


Here are a few signs your R-value needs improvement:


●        Drafts near electrical outlets

●        Cold walls or floors during winter

●        Ice dams on roof

●        Outsized energy bills

●        Furnace runs nonstop

●        Drafts and cold spots

●        Pipes that freeze

Begin With the Attic

If you experience any of the above problems, your home’s R-value is in need of improvement. Updating your home’s insulation should begin with the attic. Assessing the effectiveness of your attic insulation and upgrading the R-value can be done fairly easily by professional home insulation contractors. We’ll evaluate heat loss and add improved insulation that prevents heat loss from your home, keeping the warm air inside during winter’s chill.


We’ll also assess the following areas:


●        Plumbing and wiring openings

●        Attic ventilation

●        Recessed lighting

●        Exterior wall insulation

●        Finished basement walls

●        Crawl spaces

Contact Our Home Insulation Contractors

Are you dreading another long winter of high energy costs and cold spots in your home? Updating your home insulation makes your house more comfortable and can help to protect your roof from ice dams.


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