After a summer filled with long, warm days, it’s hard to believe it’s already fall once more. As friends and neighbors begin to embrace the seasonal chance by lining their porches with friendly pumpkins, it’s a good time to look ahead toward winter. Planning ahead to make sure your home is well-insulated before winter hits can mean the difference between a comfortable home or outsized energy costs and cold spots.


At J&J Roofing, our home insulation contractors specialize in providing high-performance roofing materials and insulation throughout Macomb County. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to insulate before winter hits this year so your energy costs will be more manageable and your home more comfortable. Give us a call to schedule a home insulation audit and get a free estimate on insulation services for your home.

1.   The Attic

During the winter, snow and ice on your roof can melt when heat rises and transfers through your roof. When it refreezes, it can create ice dams and cause damage to your roof or gutters. Any cracks or cavities where attic insulation is poor or inadequate represent a vulnerability in your home’s protective thermal envelope. Make sure your attic insulation is up to the test with a professional inspection from our home insulation contractors.

2.   Your Garage, Basement, or Add-On

An insulated garage keeps your car warm so heading to work and school on the coldest winter mornings is a breeze. Garage insulation is also necessary if you use your garage for laundry or regularly spend time in it.


Similarly, you’ll want to make sure your basement walls, floors, and ceiling are adequately insulated before you have to creep down the stairs into the cold. And don’t forget to make sure any recent additions are well-insulated.

3.   Exterior Walls

Every wall that is positioned on your home’s exterior represents a vulnerable point. Inadequate insulation on your exterior walls can lead to cold spots and drafts throughout your home, all of which can negatively impact your home energy costs.

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With autumn leaves falling all around us and cooler air coming in each day, now is a perfect time to make sure your home is up to the challenge of a Michigan winter. Our experienced home insulation contractors can help you assess the condition of your insulation and recommend the right level and type of insulation for your home.


To help keep our community safe during this time, we also offer online consultations. Learn about insulation services for your home by calling us at 586-445-6455 or contact us online to speak to an expert home insulation contractor.