There are few things more frustrating than receiving an initial estimate and then getting hit with a higher price after a repair is complete. While it’s important to remember that an estimate is merely an educated guess as to the cost of repairs and labor on a project, transparency is key.

To help you get the most accurate estimate on your next roof repair, our team at J&J Roofing works hard to ensure transparency throughout a project. In this post, we’re breaking down what’s included in a roof repair estimate and what factors can affect the final cost. Give us a call to get a fair estimate on your next roof repair project today!

Getting an Accurate Estimate

Whether a contractor is giving a roof repair estimate or an auto repair estimate, they usually do their best to work from the information in front of them. Unfortunately, that amount is always subject to possible change if the information in front of them changes.

Sometimes, a contractor will begin a project only to realize that there are significant underlying problems or more costly expenses involved. On the other hand, a project can sometimes end up costing less than anticipated.

The final cost of a roof repair will take all of these factors into consideration:

Replacement Roof Materials

One part of your estimate is going to include replacing the existing materials. Several pieces make up the roofing system, and they include:

  • Roof decking

These are the wooden boards that help frame the roof and are the basic foundation of the structure.

  • Underlayment

The underlayment is a material that goes over your decking for extra protection.

  • Drip edge

This material is used to help control water flow, preventing it from reaching your fascia or other roofing components.

  • Ridge capping

This specialized trim is installed at the peak where the roof slopes meet.

  • Roof vents

The vents help ensure your attic has proper ventilation which can extend its life. 

  • Shingles or metal sheets

These exterior metal components will be visible from the street and are the top layer.

  • Water and ice shield

These membranes in your roof keep the water moving in the right direction to help prevent and reduce damage from moisture.

The flashing is placed anywhere the exterior roofing materials are up against anything else, including chimneys, walls, or open valleys to create a guard. 

Waste Disposal

Disposing of the waste from the roofing is another part of the total estimate. And depending on the material you have, it will vary on how it's disposed of. For traditional shingles, some can be recycled; otherwise, they will be taken to a landfill. If you have a metal roof, the panels can be recycled and reused in most cases.

Labor Costs

Each company will be different, and the three primary considerations that will impact how much the labor includes:

  • The roof pitch
  • How many stories the home is
  • The complexity of the roof's design

Transportation of Materials

Because roofing products come in various shapes, they are typically placed on pallets and tied down to help transport. Traditionally an open deck vehicle is used, which could be on a flatbed truck with tandem or single axles.

To get a more accurate roof repair estimate, be sure to go with an experienced roof repair contractor who conducts a thorough inspection ahead of your roof maintenance project. Let your roofer know about any possible leaks or signs of damage you may have observed as the homeowner as well. Be sure the contractor has thoroughly inspected your property before you agree to pay for any work.

Choosing the Right Contractor

To make sure you get a fair estimate, be sure you’re working with a contractor you can trust. These days, it’s hard to tell unlicensed contractors from the experts, and anyone can pay for an ad on the Internet.

Choose a contractor with plenty of posted local reviews so you can see what other local homeowners are saying. Make sure they’re licensed and insured, and be sure to check out their Better Business Bureau profile. Finally, ask about any warranties available for your residential roofing project.

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