More than two years from the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, we are still witnessing its impact on all industries globally. Expectedly, the roofing industry is not exempted, as customers are beginning to rethink their choice of roofing material and technology with regard to the economic realities.

Consequently, some trends are worthy of note for every homeowner who requires a residential roofing service from time to time. So, in this piece, our roofing experts at J&J Roofing will take you through some of the roofing trends in 2022.

Below are some notable roofing trends every residential homeowner or commercial building owner should note.

Eco-Friendly Roofing

As the clamor for a greener ecosystem has continued to surge, it has shaped many industries, including the roofing industry. As a result, almost everybody is becoming more eco-conscious in a bid to save the earth from an impending implosion.

To achieve this, a lot of consumers are becoming more critical about their roofing material preference in 2022. Hence, there is a shift in the choice of roofing materials. For instance, more people are switching to synthetic roofing materials because of their eco-friendliness.

A 2020 UN report has it that the emissions generated from the building sector are at an all-time high but can be reduced with more conscious efforts to drive an eco-friendly recovery. Luckily, roofers can help their clients live green by using eco-friendly, recyclable roofing materials or installing green roofs. This evolving customer preference will continue to become more popular in 2022.

Another roofing material that has gained a high level of patronage is metal roofing. Metal roofing is environmentally friendly and is becoming more popular in 2022 due to its attractiveness and durability.

Solar roofing is another material residential and commercial homeowners are increasingly interested in due to the rising interest in photovoltaic shingles, which can use solar energy for the home or structure while simultaneously operating as regular roof shingles.

At J&J Roofing, we are proud to work with CertainTeed, a shingle manufacturer committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Increased Usage of Technology

Every year, technology advances in almost every industry, and we at J&J Roofing are always staying informed on the latest advancements for roofers. Drone use is one technology that will become more common in detecting faults in roofs.

More customers have become accustomed to the use of drones and are more aware of how the technology can help them solve roof-related problems. Roofers have also benefited greatly from the ease with which they can detect any damage on the roof via drone footage and photos without climbing on the roof. That's something they'll want to capitalize on more in 2022.

In addition, there is an increased need for storm and hail-tracking applications in the roofing industry. These applications help roofers to keep abreast with future weather conditions. These apps help roofers to know all about continuously changing and harsh weather.

Adopting interactive map applications has been critical in helping roofers detect communities that have suffered hail, wind, and other storm-related damages and predicting where the next wave of weather will hit.

Continued Material Shortages

Across all industries, the Covid-19 pandemic affected production capacity. The roofing industry was one of the worst-hit as roofing contractors sometimes face a shortage of materials. This shortage of materials has affected the cost of materials and consumers' choices.

Hence, many roofers are forced to buy and stockpile these scarce roofing materials to avoid shortages.

Planning to Revamp Your Roof in 2022?

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