When winter comes and goes, you may not be sure whether your roof survived it or not. With the thunderstorms, falling snows, and ill wind at their full force, there is no doubt that roofs are usually dealt a big blow during this period.

While roof inspection is good at all times, nothing beats having a residential roofing expert examine your roof in the summer.

Check out some of the reasons our experts at J&J Roofing think you should get a roof inspection this summer.

1. Summers are dry and warm.

The dryness and warmth that comes with the summer enable roofers to conduct a thorough inspection on your roof. In addition, the dryness of the summer can last for a long while, allowing homeowners to schedule roof maintenance.

2. Summer is the best time for a gutter inspection and cleaning.

Cleaning your gutters in the summer might be a daunting task, but the summer months are perfect for doing a gutter inspection. This is because the summer months are the driest of the year, and the gutters are not doing much work at this time. Get a professional roofing contractor to check your gutters this summer to determine if they need changing or not.

Again, because some debris could be trapped in your gutters due to heavy winds and rain of the previous seasons, summer gutter inspection provides that opportunity to get rid of this debris and get your gutters ready for the fall windy weather.

3. Summer is the perfect time to check your roof for heat damage.

In the summer, roofs get more exposure to sunlight than in other seasons. Hence, they tend to weaken due to the long hours of exposure to heat. This is majorly the case of roofs that have lasted for over ten years.

The longer and hotter the heat, the easier it is for your roof to face a thermal condition. This condition makes your roof expand during hotter days and contracts when the temperature decreases. This process strains your roof and reduces the strength of shingles.

This is where our roofing experts come in to inspect the extent of the damage during the summer heat. We will help you check for possible issues such as peeling shingles, balding, warps, and proffer solutions.

4. Summer is a perfect time to check your roof against humidity.

During the summer, your HVAC usage increases due to the high humidity level. Unfortunately, humidity can cause serious damage to your roof when condensed water vapor forms in your attic or shingles.

Of course, humidity cannot be stopped; however, a roof inspection by a quality residential roofing contractor can save it from further damage and prepare the roof for the fall season.

Ready to schedule a roof inspection?

If you've made up your mind for a roof inspection this summer, you've taken a step closer to safeguarding your roof.

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