A high-performance roof will protect your home for decades. But eventually, even the most durable roof will need to be replaced. Because roof replacement is a significant investment, homeowners often find it challenging to navigate the process.

At J&J Roofing in Roseville, Michigan, we’re committed to making the roof replacement process a smooth one. In this blog post, we’re sharing the most commonly asked questions about roof replacement we encounter. Give us a call to learn about residential roofing replacement options for your home.

  1. How Can I Tell When My Roof Needs to be Replaced?

You can expect a good roof to last between two and three decades. Once your roof has been around for this long, it might be worthwhile to go ahead and schedule a replacement.

Another sign it’s time to replace your roof is that you’re constantly spending money on repairs. Once the cost of repairs begins to add up, it’s worthwhile to consider roof replacement. Significant water damage is another indicator your roof needs to be updated as it can often precede collapse.

  1. Should I Repair My Roof Instead?

If your roof damage is not extensive, you can save money and time by simply having your roof repaired. This option is only possible if your roof’s structural integrity is intact. Continuing to repair a roof that has significant problems can lead to disaster down the road. It’s better to replace your roof before it collapses or leads to serious damage inside your home.

  1. What Options are Available for Financing a New Roof?

A new roof can be a sizable investment. However, financing a new roof is easy with options from J&J Roofing. We offer more than one financing option, including 6.99% on a five-year loan or 12 months same as cash.

  1. What are the Advantages of Working with a Residential Roofing Contractor?

In the age of DIY, unlicensed roofers are a dime a dozen. However, working with an amateur roofer means working with a roofer that isn’t properly licensed and insured. If an unlicensed roofer damages your roof due to negligence, you could end up losing money. Worse, they could become injured while on your property, causing a liability that costs you in court.

    5. How Long Will It Take to Replace My Roof?

The replacement process can vary depending on how accessible your home is, the size, and the type of roofing materials used. The weather and the contractor will also make a difference in how long it takes. Some simple projects can be completed in one day, while more complex ones can take longer.

    6. How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

Many different considerations go into the cost of a roof placement, so it's more challenging to give an estimate. Variables such as the slope and size of the roof, the contractor, the materials, and the labor rates will contribute to the total cost. The average is between $5 and $10 per square foot for a new roof, but each situation will have different requirements.

     7. Will a New Roof Make My Home More Energy Efficient?

If you have an outdated and older roof, it's not going to perform optimally. A new roof can help lower energy bills because the internal temperature is better insulated with high-quality materials. It will also contribute to better ventilation and reduce the amount of water leaks and drafts that can occur, all of which will affect your monthly bills.

     8. Is a New Roof a Good Investment?

A new roof is one of the top recommendations for a return of investment project for your home. It not only helps improve the value, but also increases curb appeal and contributes to energy savings to put more money in your pocket each month.

     9. How Long Will a New Roof Last?

Depending on the material you choose, a new roof can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. The area where you live, quality of installation, and general maintenance completed on it are also contributors to its longevity.

     10. How Can I Prepare for a Replacement?

Roof replacement can be a large job, and to make the process smoother, one of the most helpful things you can do is clear the area around your home’s exterior, including the driveway. This will offer extra space for the contractor and keep your things safer in the event materials fall off the roof.

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