Most people don’t put a whole lot of thought into their garage insulation. If you’ve got an attached garage, it’s probably already got a certain amount of insulation, especially if there’s a room above it. But there’s a good chance your garage walls and door are barely insulated if they’re insulated at all. And if you’ve got a detached garage, especially an older one, it likely has no insulation.

If you spend much time working in your garage during the winter or summer months, you’ve probably noticed how much of a difference that lack of insulation makes. Even if you’re using fans and a space heater, it wastes loads of energy and barely makes your space comfortable.

And having a more comfortable space when you’re changing your oil is not remotely the only reason to invest in insulation. In this post from J&J Roofing, we’re covering some of the best reasons to invest in garage insulation for your home. To schedule your insulation installation, give us a call today!

  1. Insulation reduces noise pollution.

Have you ever dreamed of starting an actual garage band but you’re worried about bothering the neighbors or even your own family? Adding to your garage insulation will reduce sound wave transfer, which means you can rock out to your heart’s content. And it works just as well for power tools.

  1. Insulation protects your personal property.

For many homeowners, a garage can hold some of their most valuable personal property, including everything from your vehicle to power tools, motorcycles, bicycles, and more. Extreme temperatures and moisture can be extremely damaging for electronics and tools and even damage paint and chemicals in your garage. Upgrading your insulation helps to regulate the temperature in your garage, keeping your belongings in good condition longer.

  1. Insulation lets you get more use from your garage.

We’ve already talked about comfort during the winter and summer months. But let’s break down just how much having that extra usable space can mean. A garage is more than just a storage space. It’s also an available room to work on projects, especially when you’ve got a busy home. Need a place to use your Peloton or take up a new hobby? An insulated garage is perfect.

  1. Insulation saves on your energy bills.

Even if you’re not spending a whole lot of time in your garage, your energy bills may still go down after investing in insulation. That’s because the temperature inside your garage can affect any room it connects to. 

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