The smell of the rain in the air can be one of life’s simplest pleasures, and there’s nothing quite like the sound of gentle raindrops on a spring afternoon. But when the thunder starts to roll and heavy clouds bring intense wind and heavy downpour, you seek cover under your roof. A strong roof breeds confidence in the middle of any bad weather condition.

However, regardless of how strong your roof is built, it’s bound to undergo roofing repair or inspection due to wear and tear. Hence, part of your plan to avoid roof leaks in heavy rains and roof damage from wind should include working with a reliable residential roofing contractor to address your leaking roof concerns.

Working with sound residential roofing services goes a long way in preventing damage from extreme weather conditions. In this blog post, we’ll talk about signs of a leaky roof and how to address them promptly using our residential roofing services.

Indicators of a Leaky Roof

Look out for Stains on the Walls or Ceiling

Some parts of your home might get discolored after some years, which is natural for almost every home. However, when a stain occurs close to your ceiling and some parts of the walls, you must pay close attention to it as this might result from a roofing defect.

If you are not sure about the stain, you can easily contact a residential roofing contractor. If you do not have what it costs to fix the damage, look for roofing companies that finance roof repair to get the issue sorted.

Check for Damp External Walls

Here is another sign of a leaky roof. If you notice that your walls are damp, even on hot days, this might be a sign that you may need a roofing repair. However, damp walls can also be caused by a broken water pipe.

Watch for the Presence of Mold or Mildew

When you begin to see the accumulation of mildew and mold in your home, this could be a sign that you may have a leaking roof. Mold and mildew are often caused by excess moisture in your home. So, your leaking roof can add to the moisture level in your home, resulting in the growth of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew, if not properly checked, could cause some health complications.

Addressing Your Roof Damage

Although roof damage related to a leak can be minor, the danger of ignoring a leaky roof could lead to far-reaching consequences. Below are some steps to take to address the problem.

Here are a few steps you can take when you suspect a leaky roof.

1. Find Out Where Your Problem Lies

One of the biggest reasons a roof can leak is poor installation or repairs in the past. It’s always best to use an experienced and licensed residential roofing contractor. If an unlicensed contractor originally installed your roof, there’s a chance you could face a constant roof repair cycle in the future.

2. Keep a Record

Before you do anything else, look around to identify all of the problem areas in your home’s interior. Grab your phone and snap some photos. This will help your contractor locate leaks and help with your warranty or insurance. It can also help your contractor get to the heart of the problem fast.

3. Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

It’s important to have your roof checked out by a professional residential roofer. At J&J Roofing, our experts can conduct a completely free, no-obligation roofing inspection to determine the extent of your roof damage.

Next, we’ll suggest the right approach for your roof, including an estimated roofing repair quote. We can address minor repairs quickly, and we won’t pressure you to replace your roof completely unless we believe it’s necessary. 

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