The smell of the rain on the air can be one of life’s simplest pleasures, and there’s nothing quite like the sound of gentle raindrops on a spring afternoon. But when the thunder starts to roll and heavy clouds bring intense wind and strong rain, it’s a different story. Although your roof is designed to withstand all sorts of extreme weather from winter snows to spring storms, every roof has its limits. When hail, storms, and high winds put your roof to the test, it can begin to show wear and tear over time.


At J&J Roofing in Roseville, our residential roofing pros can help you stay on top of damage from wicked weather with roof repair and maintenance. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about how we can help you stay on top of your roof repairs by addressing your leaky roof problems promptly.


Addressing Roof Damage

Although roof damage related to a leak can be minor, even the smallest leaks can become quite serious if not addressed as soon as possible. No matter what size your roof leak is, it represents a threat to your roof’s ability to protect your home due to potentially compromised structural integrity.


It’s easy enough to simply place a bucket under the ceiling drip every time it rains and forget about it when the weather is nice. But when you put off a roof repair, you’re allowing that damage to compound every time it rains or snows.


Here are a few steps you can take when your roof springs a leak:


1.      Find Out Where Your Problem Lies- One of the biggest reasons a roof can end up leaking is poor installation or repairs in the past. It’s always best to use an experienced and licensed residential roofing contractor. If your roof was originally installed by a handyman or unlicensed contractor, there’s a chance you could face a constant repair cycle in the future.


Old age is another cause of roof deterioration. Even a professionally installed roof can end up with damage from moisture, gutter damage, and ice dams over time.


2.      Keep a Record- Before you do anything else, take a look around to identify all of the problem areas in your home’s interior. Grab your phone and snap some photos. This will help your contractor locate leaks and could help with your warranty or insurance. It can also help your contractor get to the heart of the problem fast.


3.      Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection- It’s important to have your roof checked out by professionals. Our experts can conduct a completely free, no-obligation roofing inspection to determine the extent of your roof damage. Next, we’ll suggest the right approach for your roof using our certification and years of residential roofing experience. We can address minor repairs quickly, and we won’t pressure you to replace your roof completely unless we really believe it’s necessary.


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CertainTeed asphalt shingles can mean the difference between a functional roof and a high-performance roof that lasts through Michigan’s worst weather. At J&J Roofing, our residential roofing pros combine years of experience identifying and repairing roofing damage.


We can also help with gutter replacement and insulation. To schedule your roof inspection, call us at 586-445-6455. You can also contact us online to learn more about financing a free roof.