When it comes to protecting your Michigan home, your roof is your first line of defense against wind, rain, and everything else nature can throw at you. But no roof will last forever, and as time passes, you’re eventually bound to experience roof damage. At J&J Roofing, we often encounter preventable cumulative damage caused by a lack of maintenance.

The sooner you schedule residential roof repair services, the less it’s going to cost you. By putting off routine roof maintenance and storm damage roof repairs, you’re taking a chance that could lead to the need for premature roof replacement. Read on to learn why ignoring a leaky roof is not worth the risk.

  1. Cumulative Damage Can Cost You

Most of the more costly and serious roof damage we repair as residential roofers doesn’t happen all at once. Rather, it’s caused by cumulative damage that gradually worsens over time.

Small holes in your roof and other points of intrusion will gradually increase in size with every freeze and thaw cycle. And once moisture gets inside your roof underlayment, it can lead to structural damage. The longer you put off roof repairs, the greater your chances of incurring cumulative damage.

  1. Damage Inside Your Home Can Occur

One of your roof’s primary functions is to prevent moisture from getting into your home. And moisture is one of the most destructive enemies when it comes to the structural materials that make up your home.

Once inside your roof and walls, any amount of moisture, no matter how minute it may seem, can lead to destructive mold growth that can create health problems for a home’s occupants. Water can also cause costly and unsightly damage to your walls, ceilings, and furnishings and even cause your attic insulation to degrade.

  1. Your Warranty May Be Voided

Most roof warranties outline parameters for homeowners to meet when making a warranty claim. Typically, a manufacturer’s warranty will flat-out refuse to pay for damages they believe the homeowner should have prevented with regular repairs and maintenance. For example, if you experience roof failure and need a roof replacement while your home is still under warranty, the manufacturer will first look at whether you’ve kept up with roof repairs. If you haven’t, it could cost you.

Get Your Leaky Roof Repaired

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