There’s one in every neighborhood. On a street full of otherwise well-manicured and attractive homes, there’s always one with a neglected gutter system. From broken downspouts to dangling gutters, these damaged gutter systems are evidence that a homeowner has overlooked something very important. But a neglected gutter system is more than just an eyesore. It’s also a source of damage to a home.


At J&J Roofing in Roseville, our gutter replacement and repair experts have seen what happens to homes when their gutters are overlooked, and the damage can be extensive. Here are a few of the most common gutter problems we’ve seen in our line of work.


1.      Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutters are caused by a problem with the hangers that secure your home’s gutters to its fascia. They may not have been properly installed to begin with. When their hangers are poorly spaced, they may not be able to support the gutters’ weight. But even if they were, over time, these can deteriorate. Fortunately, sagging gutters are a quick and easy repair.


2.      Leaky Gutter Joints

A leaky gutter is a problem because your gutter is meant to take water away from your home. When it fails to move water away from the building, it can cause damage to your home’s foundation or even interior. The most common cause of a leaky gutter is a problem with the gutter joints. These can be easily sealed.


3.      Holes in Your Gutter

Another common problem with your home’s gutter system is holes in the gutters. These holes can be caused by a number of problems. Rust is one of the most common, as it can eat through the gutter over time. Debris during a storm can also create holes in your gutter. Like any other leaks, they can cause damage to your home if left unattended. However, repairing them is simple and affordable.


4.      Gutter Clogs

A clogged gutter system doesn’t work to protect your home. Gutters should be cleaned out at least twice a year. But debris, small animals, and other unexpected problems can cause your gutter to become clogged. If you’ve got dirty siding, chipped or peeling paint, or eroded soil, you may have a gutter clog. Installing gutter guards can help protect your home against clogs and make your gutters easier to maintain.



Contact our Roseville Gutter Guard Installation Services

Your home’s gutters are often overlooked until there’s a problem. That’s why it’s important to have a powerful gutter system that works to protect your home when it’s out of sight and out of mind. A high-performance custom gutter system will work to protect your roof from damage and keep water and soil erosion from damaging your home’s foundation.


At J&J Roofing in Roseville, we offer seamless gutters and high-performance gutter guards to keep your home dry year after year. For your free estimate, contact our Roseville gutter guard installation team at 586-445-6455 or contact us to set up your gutter installation or repair.