It’s almost summertime again in Michigan, and that means summer storms are just around the corner. When that rain hits your roof, it’s important to keep moisture from draining down to your foundation where it can leak into your home and cause structural damage. Gutters perform a vital role in keeping your home safe from moisture and other problems caused by water infiltration in your home’s foundation and walls. But if there’s a problem with your gutters, the damage can add up fast.


At J&J Roofing in Roseville, we help homeowners protect their investment by offering gutter maintenance and installation. We’ve put together our best advice for helping Michigan homeowners maintain their rain gutters this summer.


1.      Keep them Clean and Free of Debris.

One of the most important steps to preventing gutter damage is keeping the leaves and debris cleared out. All you need is a gutter and a trowel or similar tool to scoop out the leaves and debris that accumulates in your home’s rain gutters.


It only takes a few minutes to clear out your gutters, but if you forget to, you can end up with broken gutters and damaged parts. Clogged gutters can also look like a welcome habitat to the neighborhood wildlife.


2.      Address Clogs Immediately.

What seems like a minor clog today could become a serious problem fast if left to deteriorate on its own. When there’s a clog, the water can’t pass through your downspouts, which means it ends up backing up and spilling over where it can damage your walls and foundation. If you’ve got a clog, try clearing it out with a garden hose. If that doesn’t work, you may need to remove the gutter components and replace them.


3.      Replaced Damaged Pieces Before They Get Worse.

Damaged gutters aren’t doing anything to protect your home. But rust and corrosion can spread and cause additional damage. It’s important to regularly inspect your rain gutters for damage caused by natural elements or even strong winds and replace any problem areas immediately.


4.      Install a Gutter Guard.

If you hate cleaning your rain gutters, you’re in good company. A gutter guard is a great solution to ending this pesky chore. It protects your rain gutters and prevents debris from accumulating. It also keeps out your wildlife friends so you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone’s habitat to protect your home from water and debris.


5.      Consider a Custom Gutter System.

Most gutter damage occurs at the seams. That’s why seamless gutter technology has grown in popularity over the years. With our seamless gutters, we can create a custom gutter system that’s custom fit for your home.


Call our Roseville Gutter Installation and Maintenance Services

If you’re tired of soggy leaves and shaky ladders, it might be time to minimize the hassle of gutter maintenance for your home. Whether you’re in need of a gutter guard or you’re ready for a completely custom seamless gutter system, we can help.


At J&J Roofing in Roseville, we love creating beautiful gutter systems that make homeowners’ lives easier. To find out more about our rain gutter options, give us a call.  Connect with our gutter installation professionals at 586-445-6455 or contact us to get your free gutter guard estimate.