The key to an efficient home is creating a complete thermal envelope. Think of a thermal envelope as an invisible protective shield around the home that protects the living space from the elements.


A home’s windows, roof, siding, doors, and insulation together make up this protective shield, and when they are working optimally, help to minimize air and water infiltration. However, if your home has hidden air leaks, your thermal envelope becomes compromised, impacting the overall efficiency and comfort inside your living space.


At J&J Roofing, our home insulation contractors work with homeowners throughout the Macomb County area to optimize their homes’ comfort and efficiency. One of the most common problems we see with new home builds is hidden air leaks that sabotage the home’s thermal envelope. Look for these signs that your new home may have hidden air leaks and then call our insulation contractors to assess your thermal envelope’s effectiveness.

Addressing Hidden Air Leaks

Ideally, building contractors want to construct efficient, airtight homes. However, it’s not unusual to see common errors in builders’ air sealing strategies. When hidden air leaks are identified, our insulation contractors can repair leaks and holes by filling the insulation gap. These are the most common hidden air leaks found in new homes:

1.    Attics

Any place where piping, chimneys, vents, or ductwork pass through the attic ceiling creates a potential for an air leak. Insulation contractors should ensure the air barrier is continuously sealed around all edges so no air can penetrate into the attic space.

2.    Porches

Covered porches are common sites for insulation gaps when the porch is framed before the wall sheathing is installed. The exterior wall cavity and all penetrations in the porch overhang should be completely sealed by insulation contractors.

3.    Fireplaces

Common fireplace insulation issues include a lack of appropriate insulation behind the fireplace on an exterior wall and inadequate air seals near the chimney.

4.    Garages

The joist cavities between the garage and the home can create opportunities for air leaks between the floor joists. Properly sealing these can also help to prevent exhaust and garage pollutants from getting into the main living space.

Call Our Roseville Insulation Contractors

Are you noticing drafts in your new home? Are your heating bills higher than expected? Our home insulation contractors can evaluate your home for air leaks and make insulation repairs for a tight thermal seal.


To connect with our J&J Roofing insulation contractors, give us a call at 586-445-6455 or contact us online to schedule your insulation repairs today.