Winter in Michigan can be beautiful, turning the world into a frozen wonderland. There’s nothing quite like the beauty of snow-covered roofs lined with icicles, especially when the streets are filled with the magic of twinkling holiday lights. However, along with all of that snow and ice comes an insidious threat to residential roofs in the form of ice dams.


In this post from J&J Roofing in Minnesota, we’ll break down everything you need to know about protecting your roof from ice dams. Give us a call to schedule your regular roof maintenance and protect your roof from damaged caused by ice dams.

Understanding Ice Dams

When the temperature outside drops in a cold Michigan winter, it can lead to ice dams. Ice dams are exactly what they sound like. They’re dams made of ice that form when snow and ice on your roof melt and refreeze at the edge of your roof and along its gutters. After a few freeze and thaw cycles, ice dams can begin to form. Ice dams are often caused by poor roof insulation.


Ice dams can lead to damage on your roof when they prevent water from running off of your roof and down through your gutters where it’s channeled away from your home. This water can back up onto your roof and get under your shingles and into the fascia, seeping into your home.


Once water seeps through your roof, it can lead to any number of problems:


●        Damaged insulation

●        Harmful mold and mildew

●        Structural roof damage

●        Damage to your walls and ceiling

Tackling Ice Dams

The best approach to ice dams is to prevent them from forming to begin with. The key to preventing ice dams from forming is to make sure your insulation is up to the challenge of keeping heat inside your home where it belongs. The added benefit of an insulation upgrade is that you can expect a more comfortable home and more manageable energy bills.


It’s also important to make sure your roof is in good condition, which can prevent moisture from leaking in and damaging your home. We can also install a protective waterproof underlayment as an added layer of defense against ice dam damage.

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When it comes to ice dam protection, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. From insulation upgrades to waterproof underlayment, roof repair, and ventilation, we’ve got you covered at J&J Roofing.


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