After a long, cold winter, spring is finally in the air, and we’re more than ready to trade frosty days for sunny ones. Birds are returning to warmer climates, and spring rains are beginning to make room for bright, summer greenery. For every bluebird morning, there’s always a chance that the same sunny day could bring a blustery spring storm. Between the unpredictable nature of Michigan’s spring weather and any damage done over the winter, spring is the most important time of year for residential roof maintenance.

At J&J Roofing in Roseville, we’re committed to helping Michigan residents keep their roofs in great shape with a complete range of residential roofing services for your home. To help you keep your room in great shape, we’re sharing the top roofing concerns we work with during the springtime. To schedule your roof repair services, give us a call today!

Springtime Roof Repair and Maintenance

In the winter, we spend most of our time indoors, which is why it’s easy to completely forget about regular roof maintenance. But winter can be hard on a roof, often causing minor damage that can be the start of something more serious. One of the biggest threats to a residential roof during winter is ice. Ice dams can develop when snow and ice melt due to rising temperatures in a home and solar radiation, and as that water melts, it can flow to the edge of the roof and refreeze.

This causes an ice dam to form and creates the potential for serious roof problems down the road including water and air infiltration. Addressing these issues early on can mean the difference between a minor roof repair and a major one.

These are the most common springtime roofing issues we see during residential roof inspections:

  1. Small animals create a number of problems.

During the fall and winter, small animals can find a welcome home in your gutter system. This can cause damage to your roof by causing water to run back onto it. If this is a problem for your home, professional gutter guard installation services can help to keep them out. With a gutter guard system, debris slides off of your gutters instead of collecting inside of them where they could become some small critter’s summer home.

And it’s not just your gutters you have to worry about. Small animals can also get into your attic through vulnerable points in your roof. Squirrels are especially likely to create an entrance into roofs through loose or missing shingles or damaged fascia. Once they get into your attic, these critters can be incredibly destructive to your insulation.

  1. Shingles can become missing or damaged.

Anytime the layer of protective shingles is compromised, the underlayment becomes vulnerable to moisture infiltration that could lead to structural damage and a number of other problems.

  1. Seals can become damaged over time.

Your roof has a number of seals that keep water from getting in through vulnerable points, intersections, and joints found around your chimneys or vents. Freeze and thaw cycles, strong winds, and even simply time can damage these seals, causing them to lift up and potentially creating a point of entry for water and air to get into your home. Fortunately, seal repairs are one of the easiest types of roof repairs to make.

  1. Water infiltration can lead to a wide range of issues.

Even the smallest point of water infiltration can lead to serious problems down the road. That’s because it only takes a small amount of moisture to allow mold or mildew to grow, which can create breathing and health concerns for your family and cause the structure of your home to deteriorate rapidly. Signs of water infiltration include water stains, leaks, and the dank smell of mildew.

  1. Damaged gutters can affect your roof, foundation, and more.

A healthy roof system depends on a well-maintained gutter system. Your gutters play a key role in moving water from your roof and away from your home rather than allowing it to collect around your home’s foundation. Regular gutter repair is an important part of regular home maintenance for this reason. Seamless gutters can also reduce your gutter maintenance.

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