From the moment winter weather first creeps into the first warm days of spring, the mercury can drop awfully low in Michigan. If your home has its share of drafts or cold spots, winter can be a miserable time. Even if your home stays fairly comfortable, your energy costs can still creep up during the winter. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to create  a more comfortable interior space while improving your energy savings each month.


Our residential roofing contractors at J&J Roofing in Roseville can work with you to assess the energy efficiency of your home and help you make the changes to improve your space. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some simple steps you can take to create a more efficient home.


Follow these simple steps to see increased comfort levels and lower your bills:


1.      Upgrade Your Attic’s Performance With Insulation Updates

Insulation is one of those things most of us don’t think about on a regular basis. But it could be costing your home by creating an opening in the protective thermal envelope created by your siding, roof, and windows. An experienced insulation team can assess your attic insulation for holes and update to make sure the seal is strong. We can also add an extra layer of insulation to create a higher comfort level throughout your home.


2.      Protect Your HVAC System

It’s a good idea to assess your HVAC system and make sure to replace any outdated or aging equipment. Many homeowners don’t realize that when your home is losing energy due to poor siding or outdated roofing, your HVAC system has to work much harder. This can cause parts to wear out sooner, impacting your home’s overall comfort level and energy expenses. By updating your home’s thermal envelope, you’ll ensure those new HVAC parts last much longer.


3.      Update Your Residential Roofing System

Winters can be hard on a Michigan roof, especially when we’re undergoing lots of freeze and thaw cycles. If you see icicles or ice dams forming on your roof, there’s a good chance you’ve already got damage that’s impacting your energy efficiency. Even if your roof is still in good shape, roofing technology has changed over the years. By installing a new, high-performance roof, you’ll get the protection you need to keep energy costs down and your home’s residents warm on the coldest nights.


Call Our Insulation and Residential Roofing Contractors

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Our J&J Roofing contractors are CertainTeed certified ShingleMasters, which means we’ve combined the highest level of experience, safety, and warranties available on each project.


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