Autumn days are finally upon us, and Michigan is beginning to change from the thick green foliage of summer to the vibrant reds and oranges of fall. The temperature is also finally starting to cool off, and that means it’s the perfect time of year to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather for home updates. With all of this great autumn weather, fall is the ideal time to tend to your home’s needs before the extreme cold and ice of winter start to take over.

At J&J Roofing in Roseville, we provide Michigan residents with quality professional roofing services from complete roof installation to winterizing your roof. Getting your roof in its best shape before winter hits can help protect your home from damage this winter and keep your interior more comfortable on the coldest days. In this post, we’ll discuss why fall is the best time to think about winterizing your roof.

Roof Work Before the Weather Outside is Frightful

Fall weather is perfect for working on a roof. The ideal time for new roof installation is when temperatures are in the upper forties and dry. These temperatures make it easier for roofers to work quickly without interruptions or delays. While it’s true that temperatures are moderate in spring, spring rains make roof repair more difficult due to the delays they can cause. However, rain is much less likely to hit during the autumn.

Delaying your roof project can mean you end up with an immediate roof installation or repair need during winter. That’s because roofers end up encountering problems like these:

●        Brittle shingles

●        Broken shingles

●        More material waste

Benefits of Working With Shingles in Warmer Weather

While the weather is still fairly nice outside, the moderate temperatures aid the thermal sealing process, allowing the shingles to attach more firmly. Your shingles will also have more time to form a stronger bond with your roof.

This stronger bond adds up to better insulation through winter’s coldest days and nights for homeowners. It also helps repel moisture, keeping your home free of water infiltration when snow and ice dams start to build up. Additionally, roofing contractors find the flexibility shingles much easier to work with at moderate temperatures.

Contact Our Home Roof Repair Contractors to Winterize Your Roof

Any existing damage to your roof or insulation may not seem obvious when the weather is comfortable and dry. But the weight of heavy snow can end up causing extensive problems to a roof where damage is already present. Adding insulation, installing a new roof, or addressing roof repair needs is an important step to protecting your family and home this winter. It will also help to lower your home’s overall energy costs, which will help to offset any associated winterizing expenses.

Connect with our Michigan residential roofing contractor pros at J&J Roofing about roofing repair, gutter guard installation, and insulation updates today. We can also help with financing a new roof. For a free roof winterizing estimate, call our team at 586-445-6455 or contact us to discuss your home’s needs.