Your gutters play an essential role in protecting your home against damage from water leaks and the elements. If you keep your gutters well-maintained, they’ll last for many years. However, no gutter system lasts forever, and eventually, yours will need to be replaced.

Before ordering your new gutter installation, it’s important to decide on the right color. In this post from J&J Roofing in Michigan, we’re sharing simple tips to help you decide on the best color for your home’s roof and siding. Contact us to schedule your gutter installation services today!

Gutter Replacement Color

Many homeowners don’t realize that there is a wide range of gutter replacement options available when choosing new gutters for their homes. But today’s gutters are more customizable than the gutters of a few decades ago. Choosing the right color combination can help to add to a home’s curb appeal and create a more harmonious look.

Try these strategies to get a great-looking siding look for your home:

  • By Trim Color

Matching your siding to your trim color is a beautiful way to complement the look of your home’s exterior features. Common trim colors like white and brown look great on gutters and downspouts.

  • By Siding Color

Match your gutters to your exterior paint or siding color if you want them to blend in seamlessly so that they are less visible than other exterior home features. If you find that your siding color is difficult to match, it is always a good idea to go with a standard neutral shade.

  • By Roof Color

If you’re having trouble finding a gutter color that blends with your siding or trim, you might want to consider matching your gutters to your roof color instead. Roof colors typically come in standard options that are available in matching gutter colors. Since many modern homes do not use trim, this approach is becoming more common these days.

  • By Color Contrast

If you’re interested in a bolder design choice, you may want to consider a specific color combination that stands out. For example, darker gutters can add dimension and stand out against a lighter siding and roof shade.

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