There are few things as relaxing as the calming sound of a gentle summer rain on a cool, warm evening. While your family enjoys the sound of rain, overhead, your gutters are working overtime to keep your home dry and safe. Rain gutters are the silent heroes of a home, directing water away from a home and safely out into the lawn. A professionally installed gutter system can last for decades if it’s maintained regularly.


In this post from our Roseville gutter installation team at J&J Roofing, we’ll talk about how often a gutter system needs to be replaced. Check out this guide and then give us a call to discuss gutter replacement solutions for your home.

Maintaining Your Gutters

The material and type of gutter system on your home will directly influence its expected lifespan. Maintaining your gutters will help to ensure they’ll last longer and protect your home for as long as possible.


Here are a few signs your gutters are in need of maintenance or replacement:


●        Damaged or flooded landscaping near your home

●        Loose or missing fasteners and joints

●        Rust or holes near joints or at the bottom of gutters

●        Splits between seams

●        Sagging, loose, or bent gutters

●        Peeling paint or damaged siding

●        Improperly extended downspouts or missing downspouts

●        Overflowing or leaking water around gutters

●        Pulled away from the house

Deciding to Replace Your Gutters

If the damage you’ve identified is not extensive, repairs should be possible. Once your gutters have been repaired, they will need to be regularly cleaned so they won’t clog, collect debris, create ice dams, or become a habitat for animals. If the damage is extensive, your gutters may be beyond repair. Rust is a red flag that gutters need to be replaced right away as it will invariably expand and turn into a hole.


Replacing your gutters gives your system a fresh start and gives you the protection of a warranty. If you’re tired of dealing with gutter cleaning, we can install a custom gutter system with gutter guards to keep debris out and knock an item off of your to-do list.


Your Source for Custom Gutter Replacement

If it’s time for a new gutter system for your home, our gutter replacement experts at J&J Roofing can help. Or maybe you’re just tired of standing on a ladder and cleaning out your gutters every fall when the leaves come down. With a custom gutter system, your gutter maintenance will be minimal.


To connect with a member of our team about gutter replacement or schedule an online consultation, give us a call at 586-445-6455. Or contact us online to schedule your gutter repair. We look forward to hearing from you!