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What are the Most Common Warm Weather Roof Problems?

When you think about roof damage, most people assume it primarily takes place during the cold weather season when Michigan roofs are exposed to ice, snow, and precipitation. Melting snow coupled with freeze and thaw cycles can cause a roof to develop ice dams that cause damage and eventually allow water to leak inside your home.

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How to Tell if It’s Time for New Gutters

Most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time contemplating their rain gutters. Gutter systems are one of the most commonly overlooked home components, but they actually perform a vital role in helping your roof protect your home from water damage. Although your gutters are often out of sight and therefore out of mind, it’s still important to stay on top of regular gutter maintenance to prevent roof and foundation problems. When you take good care of your gutter system, it can be expected to last for many years, but eventually, all gutter systems need to be replaced.

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